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The 2019 Closet Clean Up How To

We tend to detox so many things in our lives – our bodies, our garages, our handbags, toxic friendships, but how often do we do a full closet clear out? I think it’s because so many of our purchases come with emotional attachments – reminding us of certain parts of ourselves – memories tucked into the shoes we wore on our first date, the handbag our best friend gifted us for our 21stbirthday, the waist belt we wore the night we ran away, champagne in hand, from a snooze fest of a party. Each item feels like it comes with  a memory tag so it’s understandable that this is a monstrous task. 

But decluttering is another form of self-care – it
clears mental baggage and is as important as a massage or yoga.

If you’re worried about finding the time, Two Babes on a Budget, has you covered. We’ll show you how to do a massive declutter with minimal effort and shed those unwanted pounds in your own time. Our advice should make this a one-afternoon task, but you can take your own sweet time if you have tons of stuff.


Set aside one afternoon to do it and circle the date in your calendar to help you reach that goal. Reward yourself if you must!


Planning is half the job done! Decide how you’d like to tackle it.

Ask yourself these questions:
How would you like your wardrobe to look?
What will you do with the items after?
What is your personal style?
How much space would you like for new items?
How would you like to compartmentalise everything?

Most sites mention taking everything out of your closet but it’s so overwhelming so our advice is to take it in stages or by shelf. We found that the best way to do it is to arrange all your clothing in three piles: 

  1. Still hot
  2. Haven’t worn in year (BE BRUTAL! Tie dye is not making a comeback, honey) 
  3. No longer fits

Another ‘pile idea’ is to arrange them by category – dresses, pants etc. to see what you have too much or too little of. It’ll give you a good idea of what you need to shop for.

All items in piles 2 and 3 that are still in a good condition can be donated to an NGO. Do a little research of NGOs in your area and find out what they need. Bridesmaid and matric ball dresses can go to places like The Princess Project.

For the remaining items, here are a few more tips:

Match your lifestyle: Fashion is fickle, and over the years we also change and grow. While your wardrobe may have consisted purely of club outfits ten years ago, today may be strictly work- and active wear. So, toss anything that no longer suits your lifestyle or personal style.

Colour tribe: Whether monochromatic or vibrant floral prints, pick the colours that you wear most – whether they match your skin tone or personality – and keep those.

Dress by numbers: Look at how you usually create an outfit. Do you start with a gorgeous pair of shoes and build from there? Do you begin with a shirt, then pants then accessories? Do you prefer all your dresses together, all your shirts together, or does colour coding make you happier? This will really help you create a flow to customise your closet to your liking. And, save you tons of time in the morning. 

Versatility is vital:Ask yourself, are the pieces you’re keeping versatile? Can you wear it many ways? 


The magic of minimalism is the fact that you only need a few timeless basics to create several kick-ass outifts.

Here is a list of absolute must-haves that are easy to put together in a number of different ways.


  • A crisp white tee
  • Classic white sneakers
  • A black tee/tank
  • A black polo neck – a short-sleeved version in a light fabric for summer
  • The must-have LBD
  • Perfect-fit jeans – in dark and light washes – whatever silhouette suits you – skinny, flare or boyfriend
  • A button-up shirt – in cotton and silk
  • A classic-style jump suit
  • Showstopper heels
  • A lightweight cardi or crew neck cashmere
  • Flats
  • A tailored blazer
  • The perfect skirt
  • The classic denim jacket
  • Black, tailored pants

When it comes to accessories – delicate jewellery, silk scarves, a generous sized tote, a perfect pair of sunnies and red lipstick in shade HOT AF are essential.


All of the above plus:

  • A nude trench coat
  • 4-5 chunky knits
  • Adorable boots – in black and brown/tan

Over the next few weeks we’ll show you how to wear each 5 different ways. A little something to look forward to…


Decide on a shopping rule for yourself whenever you purchase new fashion. We find a ‘Buy 1, Toss 2’ rule is perfect to ensure that your closet remains minimal.


Image credit: – clothes rail from IKEA

These exposed rails will really help you when it comes to decluttering discipline. Clean, uncluttered minimalism in an instant!


A great tip we saw on ‘The Style Insider’ was a simple question: Does this item bring me joy? It’s as simple as asking yourself: Do I feel good or attractive in this? If the answer is no, move on.


Once you’ve decluttered, do one more round of culling to make sure you’ve stripped everything down to the bare essentials.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our tips for minimalism. We look forward to showing you more hacks on living beautifully. On a budget. 

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