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Three ways to wear a basic white tee

Before I jump into the meat of this post, I would like to take a minute to just tell you all that this post is so far out of m comfort zone the fact that I have come this far is a low-key miracle. I am terrified of full-length pictures! Sure I talk a good game about how I am basically a snack and half, but my insecurities run a little deeper than I’d like to say. Anyway.

Before we launched this blog Kim and I chatted so much. We chatted about what we wanted from this platform, we chatted about the kind of content we wanted to share, we chatted about the pics we wanted to take and the brands we wished would one day want to work with us. One of the themes that constantly came up was the tried and true “3 ways to wear x”. Yes finding a great deal is, well, great, but what you really want is a wardrobe that works damn hard for you.

Whether you spend R50 or R500 on an item, you want it to be friends with all the other items in your wardrobe. To me, nothing embodies this ethos quite like the basic tee. This little guy could cost you anything from R19.99 to R700 (eeek, yes I shit you not). There are few items as versatile as the white tee and I shall take this moment to remind you that this blog is called “Two Babes On A Budget” not “Two Babes Busting The Budget”, so yes, we will be talking about a very affordable tee. One of my absolute holy grail buys, The Pick n Pay Clothing v-neck which sells for R59 (and also comes in a crew neck).

One need only engage in a little light Pinterest action to fully grasp the versatility of the white tee.  I am an absolute fan and I believe that whether you work in a corporate office or environmental NGO, the white tee can work for you. I have put together 3 looks using this v-neck from Pick n Pay:


These boyfriend jeans are ancient. So ancient in fact, that I cannot remember when exactly I got them, safe to say that they are no longer in stock though. I have found a few similar pairs here:

Foschini: option one | option two – both of these options are R499. Not exactly budget but I can vouch for the quality of Foschini’s jeans. I have several pairs that are in their 5th and 6th year of life.
Donna: option one | option two | option three – these are R599 a pair. Again, they are pricey. I cannot vouch for the quality as I have not bought jeans from Donna before. If you have, jump in the comments and let us know what you think?  
Exact: option one R299 | option two R260 | option three R250 – I ADORE (!!) Exact’s jeans. I swear by them. I have two pairs currently in rotation and I know I will wear them until they fall apart. At under R300 a pair, they are affordable, they don’t feel like jeggings, guys, these are proper denims and their sizing goes up to size 20.  


I got this vintage skirt at my granny’s church market a few years ago. I think I paid R25 for it. I decided to include it because I think one form of budget shopping that is often overlooked is vintage shopping. There are quite a few South African online store where you can find awesome vintage deals and of course, loads and loads of bricks and mortar stores and markets. Would you be keen to see a post that covered all the vintage shopping available?

The platforms are from Pick n Pay. I love them! They were R199 and so comfy. I am definitely going to get another pair before they sell out because I can see myself living in these. Also, when will Pick n Pay Clothing get online shopping!!??


These black skinnies are from Exact. They sell for R250 and come up quite high in the waist without being “high waisted”. I love them. I live in them. I cannot recommend them enough. You can shop them here >

The denim shirt was a five-finger-discount item from my ex. I stole it. Regan seethes every time I wear it but it’s so comfy and versatile. I promised that I would throw it out in 2019. So now the hunt begins for a new oversized denim shirt. Let me know if you see one?

The boots are Jada. You can find them on Shado Wholesale or Superbalist >


Now for the real fun. Kim and I chatted about each doing a different item for these 3 ways posts but, I would like to challenge her to come up with 3 MORE ways to style a white tee… Can it be done? I think so! Pop back in on Friday to see Kim’s suggestions!



  1. I am wearing an almost identical outfit to your skirt one today haha. With the exact same white tee. Thanks for the heads up on the tee by the way, love it! Going back for more.
    Love this post and love everything you are doing.

    • twobabesonabudget says

      Yay! Thanks so much love. So glad you got it and that you’re rocking it! And thank you so much for the love. N

  2. Loving your blog. Such practical tips. Recently got a really nice denim shirt at Pep of all places. And for just over R100!

    • twobabesonabudget says

      Are you kidding!! I need to pop in to my local Pep. That sounds like a great deal! What is the wash like? Dark or light denim?

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