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Three ways to wear a basic R59 white tee

On Monday, Nikki shared 3 different ways to wear a basic tee found at Pick n Pay for just R59.99! I had a total #momcrush thereafter. She really is such a snack. I loved every outfit she put together and she really encompassed what a budget wardrobe is all about. Finding not only an affordable item, but one that plays well with everything in your wardrobe. Something that you can wear in several different ways – that transforms from desk to date night in a sec. It’s a must read so if you haven’t checked it out, here it is. She styled the v-neck and challenged me to the crew neck basic tee.

Trawling for a basic tee – whether in store or on Pinterest – usually left me with one thought. “I can’t. I can’t “give up” and wear a simple tee to work, I can’t be as fab as that Pinterest model, I can’t pull off a cropped denim jacket. I can’t. I can’t. But womxn, we really can do and wear whatever the hell we want!

When Nikki and I started this blog, we wanted to create a space for womxn just like us – who yearned to look good every day but were putting in petrol with eBucks by the 25th.  We wanted to cater to all womxn of every shape and personal style. While we are a fashion blog, it wasn’t catwalk fashion but rather looks every single person could relate to, and afford. We wanted our blog to feel like a snippets and screenshots from your BFF. We wanted it to be authentic and share looks we really do wear every day – looks that are easy-to-throw together. And more importantly to focus on self-care – to put yourself first for a change, even just for a second, and shed that mom guilt of splurging (if you are a mom); and of course to realise that fashion doesn’t have to cost “two packs of nappies” per item.

It’s barely been a month and we’ve been so overwhelmed by the wonderful support, responses and love we received, and to be honest, somewhat surprised by just how many womxn out there were looking for exactly this. So far, it’s been an amazing journey, I’m looking at fashion differently, my body differently, my wallet differently and self-care differently. So thank you so much for the love!! <3

These are the looks I created, after shedding that “I can’t” notion.


Black jeans, or any jeans for that matter, marry so beautifully with basic tees. It can be both relaxed and refined depending on how you accesorise, layer and style it. These black denims are Kelso from Edgars – they are an all-season staple – in my wardrobe year after year. And I’m so happy to share that Edgars are having a denim sale – with certain styles at an absolute steal from just R120 per pair! Score. Throw over a plaid or printed shirt for interest and loosely tie one button – it doesn’t even have to match up symmetrically for a laid-back look. And depending on whether you’re at a corporate or casual environment, you may tuck in and button up as needed.

Shop the wide range of Edgars’ jeans here.
Plaid shirt from H&M for R130! No online store 🙁 but there are a few still in stock.
Platform sneakers from Edgars. Their range starts from R179.95. Shop here.


I have avoided pencil body con skirts like the plague, like Carol who sighs at the water cooler, like eye contact with creepy strangers and it took A LOT for me to get over my insecurities and just f*cking try it out. And I have to say this is my favourite look, mom bod and all. I rolled up my sleeves – literally – for a more casual take and knotted the tee. There is something so empowering about accepting yourself as you are. I would say ‘flaws n all ‘but I’m starting this personal journey with myself where I don’t look at natural parts of my body as flaws anymore. There’s a bumpy, long journey ahead but I’m taking it slowly.

Burgundy pencil skirt – an ol’ fave from Mr Price for R80. I see Edgars has such an impressive range of bodycon or pencil skirts. Shop them here.
Black Ankle Boots – a style steal from China Town. This pair was a recent end-of-winter range find, which is usually when I buy boots – they last me at least two chilly seasons.


Will, my husband, has been wearing tees with a suit blazer for years, looking all hot AF and I don’t know why I never thought to try it. It’s amazing how layering something basic with a well-cut blazer can inject so much sophistication in a flash. I paired it with red heels and lipstick for a pop of colour. Initially I draped a chain over my neck but it’s actually better to let your shoes do the talking.

The blazer I found at a factory shop in Durbanville that sells Woolies and Foschini Group items. It was cheap as chips at just R200, which is unusual for a jacket, coat or blazer. I doubt that they still have it in stock but I found a similar one at Edgars for R110! Shop it here.

Red heels from The Fix but I LOVE these copper brogues and gold trim sneakers – a perfect match for a chilled office look.

Thank you to Nikki for inviting me on this challenge. I can definitely see a change in my overall confidence, mood, creativity. So blessed to be a part of this journey with you. To everyone, thank and I hope you’ll try out your 3 ways with a basic white tee – and that you’ll definitely tag us on insta. xo

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