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I was rather nervous to write this blog post. Whenever you think of investment pieces it’s usually something that is worth buying because it may be useful in the future, give you tons of wear and thus more bang for your buck, but it often comes with a price tag only the Kardashians have seen and bought. Think leather boots, a quality trench coat and thick, durable denims. All of this doesn’t seem to sit around the same campfire as a budget blog where you’re showing people how to stay fashionable even when they’re broke as hell. So I did a little investigation. Can you buy investment pieces at a time when you’re siphoning petrol from your lawnmover? Let’s see.

With the temperature taking a surprising dip in the last two days, it definitely time to update and breathe life into your winter wardrobe and the right time to shop is now.

So, here’s your step-by-step guide to a 10 absolute investment pieces for winter.


My love affair with boots has been running for about 20 years, I swear once I wore a pair to the beach, true story. (In my defence, we weren’t planning on going there). A little height just adds a sense of elegance to practically anything. I’m a self-confessed boot snob so finding a pair I love takes months and months! It has to pass the style test, comfort test, non-slip sole test and of course be an all-round winner that plays well with dresses, jeans and skirts. The truth is whenever I stumbled on a pair I truly loved, I would either have to close my eyes and scare the shit out of my bank balance, or drop, roll and turn away with tears rolling down my cheeks. So imagine my excitement when I found a pair that doesn’t break the bank and is understated and adorable!

I love these ankle boots from Superbalist. Look! Just look. An arm-in-arm companion for dresses, denims, coats, just about anything that’s lovely and layered. And at R399, they’re a steal!

Kick up your style factor and shop here.


A layered look with a loose-fitting knit as the main attraction is my favourite thing about winter, hands down. I will never understand how ‘slouchy’ can look so sophisticated. Especially when paired with a giant tote. these style are form the H&M Australian site but I did some snooping and found the same styles in stores now.


I have been crushing HARD on a tote from Woolies for several months. It’s structured and I love the clean lines – no bumpy zips that eventually get stuck and irritate you. So when that Quality Sale SMS came, chile, I was there in a flash. It’s perfect for carting round all you winter essentials – sunscreen, scarves and gloves.


Nikki first introduced me to this tinted Justine Tissue Oil lip balm. It glides on like a dream, seriously you have to try it to understand what I mean. It leaves this beautifully soft layer. At R155 for two – I have to have it in plum and nude.

Winter can be brutal on your skin – heaters, cold air  and even aircon (if you’re brave) can leave it severely dry and scaly. While most people don’t wear sunscreen in winter it’s actually more important. Personally, there’s nothing I hate more than sunscreen on my face – it feels like this oily barrier and I simply cannot concentrate. That’s why I simply adore this Nivea moisturiser with SPF you can find at most major retailers– it offers the protection without that greasy layer. Neutrogena Hydro Boost City Shield SPF 25 offers intense hydration when your skin needs it most.  

Is there anything better than wrapping a gigantic supersoft scarf around your neck? When chill hits the air, you can just dive into cashmere or wool and pair with equally warm gloves. Whether coveted cable-knit, perfectly patterned or plain and simple, you can stave of the cold while looking cool and comfortable.

Superbalist has the most beautiful selection from just R99 that you can shop here.


When it comes to layering, warm thermals are simply a necessity. They trap warmth at a time where it’s a must, and are a basic that has to form part of your ‘10 things to invest in’ list.


I’ve been put off by trench coats in the past, mainly because of the cost. But I spotted this wide collar trench at a China Town shop in Parklands. It fits like a glove as is as warm and inviting as a hug from your BFF. This is from but I suggest visiting China Town – in this way, you’re assured both you and the coat with arrive in style.

I can’t think of anyone who does their moisturing routine when it’s cold as balls out, so a rich, hydrating body wash, exfoliator and moisturiser is essential. Thankfully, I found this 3-in-1 shower buddy that does the job of all 3, and therefore saves you a ton of cash. It’s from Faithful to Nature and comes in a variety of fragrances. You can make your own with virgin coconut oil, Himaylan sea salt (a natural way to balance pH and exfoliate all at once) and by adding your choice of essential oils depending on the scent you like. But at just R86 for this Sally-Ann Creed scrub why would you? Skip the trouble and get it online here.


This wasn’t going to make this list but since I rushed to a meeting unprepared in the rain without an umbrella, beanies suddenly became an essential. While it make look like a preschooler must-have, beanies are trending massively in 2019, especially with a fluffy faux furr ball on top. I haven’t been brave enough to try one on yet but here’s one I found at Superbalist that I just might close my eyes for before hitting ‘Add to cart’.

Shop their range here.

And that’s my 10 investments for winter. Let us know yours in the comments below.

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