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Autumn Trend Colours to Wear Now

I am a summer person. Late sunsets, fruity cocktails, beach picnics with friends. But there’s one thing I love more and that’s the trendy colours autumn brings to the party. Every year, the colour palette seems to borrow from nature – from crisp autumn leaves soaked in warm ochres, rich reds with hints of sky blue, to precious jewel tones in crimson reds, emerald greens and citrine yellows. This year is no different. 2019’s autumn/winter 2019/2020 is set to offer many instagrammable photo ops – it’s sophisticated and strong; a meaningful palette of colour that empowers and instills confidence as well as balance, giving you more freedom to create your personal sense of style.

“Pantone’s newest New York Fashion Week-geared list embraces identity and lends itself to experimentation. Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Colour Institute, loves that consumers are exercising their creativity and are no longer glued to a matchy-matchy look, she said, adding, “It’s more about doing what really expresses how you feel about yourself and your clothing, and the statement that you want to make as an individual.

2019 sees trends borrowing from fallen leaves, a look that lends itself to endlessly varied combinations.

Here’s the colour round up of the trends you absolutely have to have this season!


Rich reds in varied shades: Cranberry, ruby, plums, and cues taken from vineyards – wine red reminiscent of merlot, pink tinges as seen in rosé, and much-loved deep burgundy as found in shiraz have taken the catwalks by storm. My love affair with red will never come to an end, it’s such an empowering colour. Whether worn as a knit, lip shade or boots, chilli pepper red or deep biker red are such confidence-building shades. The perfect accent to draw attention to what you already wear or to add little pops of colour. It adds a sense of drama and excitement whether you’re taking centre stage at a meeting or at cocktail hour.

Shop from left to right:
Striped pink knit, Mr Price, R169.99; Diagonal colour knit, Superbalist, R411; Red boots, Superbalist, Red loose knit, red belt, Striped pullover, Superbalist, R421; Cranberry cropped knit, Superbalist, R379; Red plunge jumper, Superbalist R291; Roll neck crop pink knit, Superbalist R399


Colours that pop includes chicory and diverse shades of brown like cappuccinos and espresso. Brown is a grounding colour that provides a sense of stability, and acts as the perfect backdrop for more look-at-me effervescent pinks.

Shop left to right:
Mocha knit, khaki suit and button detail knit all from H&M (no online store)


From inks to royal blues to starry night sky, blue is calming, evocative and representative of a greater galaxy. More subdued, is marries beautifully with electrifying reds, mustards and peachy pinks.

Shop from left:
Ink knit, H&M (no online shop), Blue pleated skirt, Superbalist R499 (excusing sale price), Blue dropped shoulder knit, Superbalist, R209; Indigo knit, Superbalist, R194; Cobalt boot with gold buckle, Exact, R360; Blue tee, The Fix R119.99


Bold and daring, yellows – whether in aged cheddar or butterscotch – is a sharp blend of yellow and orange and adds a fearless energy to another autumn/winter trend – animal prints – and the ideal antidote for plummeting temperatures.

Shop from left:
Mustard knit, Mr Price, R149.99; Striped knit, Superbalist, R299; Canary slip dress, Superbalist R399, Chunky bobble hand-kitted cardi Superbalist, R1069! (a girl can dream, right?), Round crossbody bag, The Fix, R199.99; Butterscotch culotte, The Fix R249.99; Tiger print shirt, R219.99; Scoop back jumper, R199.99; Tobacco Duster Coat, R359.99


Green is my absolute cat nip. I don’t care if it’s olive, bottle green, emerald, military millennial avo (coining this colour!) or forest green, it is both calming yet eye-catching, making it an absolute winner for free spirits and office dwellers alike. It can act as an exciting replacement for your usual greys, and blacks – the perfect complement to warmer shades such as butterscotch, brick reds and ochres. Experimentation is key – look at colours that play well together and create interesting combinations with accessories.

Shop from left:
Olive bomber jacket Mr Price, R289.99 Statement active dress, Mr Price, R179.99; Slim fit emerald pants, Mr Price R169.99; Olive turtleneck top, Mr Price 79.99; Deep V Bell Satin shirt Superbalist, R399; Button detail knit, Superbalist R269; Olive knit, Green dress, Khaki boxy top, Superbalist R226


Nikki is probably tickled pink right now because leopard print, snakeskin, cow hide, deer hide, crocodile print, tiger print, zebra print…they were all there on the 2019 runways. This season you need to cast your animal print fears aside and tap into your wild side. 

Classic leopard is probably the easiest to get your hands on, but if you’re not quite ready to take the plunge, print textures are perfect for easing yourself in.

Shop from left:
Leopard print pants Mr Price, Check blazer, Mr Price, Leopard print blazer, Mr Price R259.99, mock croc skin bag, The Fix, R249.99, Snake skin tunic, The Fix, R299.99; Leopard print sneaker, Animal print top, Cheetah top, Leopard print top,


Every winter wardrobe is incomplete without neutrals. Is so important to have a base on which to build. Serving as a foundation, a range of seasonal staples that can stand alone or act as a contrast for colour mixes that suit your personality. Opt for vanillas – whether classic creams, pink- or custard-tinged sorbets, muted and unpretentious grey tones or a shade just shy of before navy.

Shop from left:
Bobble knit, grey cropped knit, buttoned cardi, white turtleneck bell sleeve Superbalist, R213, Chunky funnel neck knit, Superbalist R278; Cream frill knit, Superbalist, R246; Chocker neck line knit, Superbalist R278; Frilled knit, Superbalist, R291; Chunky waterfall cards, Superbalist, R252

*Superbalist prices may differ.


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