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12 Autumn Coats Under R600

This morning I had one of those days where I wanted to rip up all of my clothing and also shave my head a la 2007 Britney. Literally nothing played along today. All my clothes looked crap. My hair is dirty and just cannot be put into any style that is not a top knot and even that top knot was not doing its part. All 3 pairs of my jeans broke, in the same spot, right where my thighs touch and I have only had time (and money) to replace one pair and I have worn that pair to work for 2 days in a row, so this morning, standing in front of my cupboard in my undies with my dirty hair I felt on the brink.

This in between stage of the seasons is always hardest for me. I never know what to wear and in Cape Town, where we experience all seasons in one day, it is especially difficult. I am a winter person but I also get hot often so I cannot layer too much. When shopping for jerseys and coats, I usually lean towards the lighter knits and weaves. I am desperate for a new coat and like most of you, I just cannot spend thousands on it. So I went to peep at my favourite online stores and a few that you had recommended as well, to see what was available.

We all have different needs when it comes to outerwear and like I mentioned, throughout winter, mine usually lean towards lighter jackets and jerseys. I have been looking for a few specific styles this season:

  • A parka
  • A trench
  • A biker jacket
  • A denim jacket
  • Something a little fancy

The selection below kind of speaks to each of these. I have chosen to look at classic cuts and styles as well as less conventional ones. I like to keep it spicy, guys.

Here are some of my favourite picks for autumn outerwear and most are under R500.

First up we have this relaxed belted duster from The FIX. I love everything about this coat, especially the colour. It’s R359.99.  Next is this simply divine grey wrap coat from Exact. This colour is so versatile and would be a great coat for both work and going out. It’s R599.99. And then we have this navy blue polka dot lightweight parka also from Exact. This one is perfect for trips to the park or flea market, general grocery store runs and weekend errands. It’s R299.99. The last image in this roll is a very simple, faux leather biker jacket from Exact. It’s one of those wardrobe must-haves and works so perfectly for date nights. It’s R499.99.

Starting off this row we have a basic black bomber jacket from Mr Price. I feel like this is a style that us mid-30’s women sometimes shy away from but I LOVE a good bomber. Much like the biker jacket, it is incredibly versatile. This one is just R120.00. Next is this waterfall trench from Mr Price. It is sold out in this colour and there seems to only be a rust coloured version in stock now. The price is R180.00. Then we have a kind of classic denim jacket from Mr Price. I love the wash on this jacket and the price is amazing BUT I feel like it could be a little boxy. It’s R279.99. Last up in this row is a camo parka also from Mr Price. I quite like it, even though it is slightly tween. The price is R349.99.

On to our last row now, and first up we have this relaxed fit blazer from Superbalist. I love the slight sheen it has. I feel like this one could be great for both work and going out. It’s R239.00 currently on sale, marked down from R699.00. Next up we have a classic double breasted coat from Superbalist which is currently marked down the R161.00. So run! Then we have a great addition to any work wardrobe, this zip front knit jacket from Superbalist would look amazing with skirts and pants alike. It’s R299.00. Lastly we have a gorgeous stone coloured double breasted jacket from Superbalist. I love this jacket. It’s soft and feminine and would work so well to offset the usual drab winter tones. It’s R226.00.

So there you have it. My list of must-have budget coats for autumn. If you’ve found any great ones lately, be sure to pop the links into comments section of this post!




    • twobabesonabudget says

      Ag no man! I put the post together yesterday morning. Sorry about that lovely. Let me know which ones they were and I’ll see if I can find similar ones.

  1. Blushandblonde says

    I’ve got an amazing houndstooth coat on its way from MRP for an amazing R250 😁

  2. Donna says

    Sooooo loved those posts… Im Actually surprised at the really good prices.. Wow.
    Definitely helped me narrow down what I still need to get.
    Looking forward to more awesome posts

  3. That rust belted duster in the very first image from The Fix is a MUST HAVE! It’s gorgeous and even though it’s such a bold colour will actually be so versatile.
    Such a great post, can see you put so much effort into it

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