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Our Loungewear Edit

Our favourite styles from R80!

There’s nothing better than curling up on the couch with a hot cup of coffee and good book when you do find a single quiet moment. It’s only made better when it’s in something super comfortable. So, slip into these cosy budget loungewear, handpicked by Two Babes on a Budget and all (barring one) under R300!

I don’t know who the genius was who introduced loungewear but the fact that pjs have become part of fashion speaks to my soul – it’s a dream I’ve had for pretty much my entire life. You can skip the outfit change from lounging around to hopping out for a quick grocery run, or from daytime to sleep time – it’s perfect for curbing the embarrassment you feel when opening for the delivery guy in threadbare Snoopy PJs.

With our hectic lifestyles of trying to keep up, me-time, down time, self-care, a bra-optional lifestyle – whatever you’d like to call it – has become more and more important. Staying in is the new going out, especially when the clouds are out, and there’s simply nothing better than lazing about in clothes you feel happy in. Loungewear is casual meets cool meets comfort, and since taking care of ourselves is moving to the top of everyone’s to-do list, stores are taking note, giving us all more of a range to choose from.

Whether a slow Sunday morning or a cold evening, slipping into your most comfy clothes is one of the best feelings in the world. And when you’re down to chill, go for total comfort with track pants, cuddle-soft tops and relaxed drape pants. I’ve mostly had a quiet, sloth-like weekend and it’s been absolute bliss!

While out shopping, I realised that lounging around does comes at a price – a rather hefty one – so I’ve hunted for budget buys and shopped a little smarter at outlet stores in Access Park. It’s weird, but since areas weren’t demarcated, I also struggled to distinguish between loungewear, activewear, and sleepwear.

So what is the difference between loungewear, activewear, and sleepwear?

As the names suggest, loungewear is made for staying in, activewear for going out and sleepwear, well that’s as obvious as it gets. But they do look similar on shelf. If you need a little help, loungewear usually comes in neutral colours – soft greys, creams, even navy and olive to set the mood for a chilled day of relxation. Since comfort is key, you’ll find faux fur linings, softer-than-candy floss fabrics, elasticised waistbands and slogans like “It’s stay-in Sunday”. Activewear usually comes in brighter colours with motivational messages to hype you up and materials like lycra. And with sleepwear, you simply have to ask yourself, “Would I go outside with this?” In the end, it all boils down to what makes you feel comfortable. Many of us are happy to lounge around in lycra, so I’ve also included a few leggings, hoodies, joggers and even pyjamas in my selection. 

Mr Price

Mr Price was the cheapest by far with track pants starting from R80 and sizes up to 40.

Pink jogger: This jogger comes in a rainbow of colours at just R80.
Navy jogger, R139.99
Colour Block Top, R100
Side stripe jogger, R119.99
Pullover hoodie, R139.99
Side tape jogger, R100 – and the best news is it’s on 3 for 2!

Woolies mostly has a sleepwear range but I simply love the viscose fabrics and cosy knits. Most items retail from around R299 but there are a few R199 tee options that you can mix and match with complementing pants.

Striped Cotton PJ pants, R299, Matching Pocket Slep Tee, R260
Stay Up Late, Wake Up Later Tee, R199
Sundays We do Cotton set, R299
Viscose pants, R299, Matching top R229
Soft Knit, R299 
Fluffy Eyes Mule Slippers, R199

Superbalist’s range extends to the plus size section which I feel more brands should do. And the options are simply yum.

‘Woman’ Top – on black or white, R239
Luxe tee, R239
Loose knit cardi, R149
Velour pink track top, R239
Beige hoodie, R209
Travis taped hoodie, R179
Colourblock cardi, R244

Cotton On
Cotton On had the widest and best range by far with cuddlesoft cottons and super-soft fabrics you just want to drown in. I bet you won’t want to take these off anytime soon. The last image – the super-soft usually retails separately. The hoodie sells for R349 and the pants for R299! But I got both for R400 at Cotton On Access Park. *pats on back*

Trenton track pants, R149.50
Supersoft dropped crotch pants, R299
Basic leggings, R149 – get 3 for R200!
Classic tracksuit, R299
Crimson track pants, R249
High-waisted leggings, R149 – or 2 for R200
Supersoft relaxed top, R299
Superset jumpsuit, R399
Superset statement set – separately this hoodie retails for R349 and the pants for R299 but I got both for R400 at Cotton On Access Park!

And that’s a cosy wrap on our laid-back loungewear edit. I hope you’re having fun doing absolutely nothing! And you’re uber comfortable doing it.


  1. Kerry Boekestein says

    Hi Gorgeous Gals.

    I have just come across your website today and i have two words: Love it!

    Just one suggestion for winter wear blog post: Pick’nPay clothing; was in the Durban store this weekend and saw some really great winter wear tracksuits, woolie tops and so much more.

    • Two Babes on a Budget says

      Aw thanks Kerry. This makes us so happy!!!! So glad that you love what you see. And thanks for the tip. Pick n Pay Clothing is one of our faves – holding thumbs for an online site soon. xx

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