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3 Ways To Style Your Summer Slip Dress For Winter

One of the things I love about living in Cape Town is winter. I love that it gets frigidly cold, but I can still get away with wearing a dress and stockings. Our wonderful climate gives my summer wardrobe amazing longevity. All it takes is a bit Pinteresting and a little creativity.

I have this bright, 100% silk coral slip dress. It’s loose fitting, has pockets and was basically MADE for summer. Every year, winter rolls around and just before the cold really sets in, I do a little stack and pack and put all of my summer clothing in plastic tubs at the top of my wardrobe.

This year I hit the pause button. While it may seem like Kim and I shop all the time, we actually don’t. A large part of living your best life on a budget is working with what you already have. So on Saturday I sat on the floor in my bedroom and really examined what I had, and what could transition easily from summer to winter. My coral dress really stood out as something that could potentially be an all-season item. Slip dresses are incredibly versatile and this one is no different. Here are 3 ways I could style my orange slip for the colder months:


I love this look but I am not sure that I would wear it like this. I might have to play around a bit more. I like to play at being an adventurous dresser upper but the truth is, I am quite cosy in my comfort zone. And I don’t know why but something about this outfit makes me feel odd. What do you think?


This is so me. How divine is this jumper? My sister got it for me at Primark. I absolutely love the little jewelled bees studded all over it. This outfit is cosy and perfect for meeting-free autumn days.


So truthfully, I like elements of this outfit. I think I might belt the dress and wear it with thick black stockings instead of the way I have styled it in this picture. What do you guys think? Should I wear it as pictured or add a belt and stockings?

If you’re looking for fresh ways to breathe some winter-life into your key summer pieces, I would recommend stocking up on the following items which will make layering so much easier:

Thick black stockings
Versatile cardigans in both bright colours (goodbye drab winter hues) and more mixable neutral shades
One or two statement belts
Ankle boots
Fitted turtle neck tees

What are some of the items you own and wear all year round?



  1. I absolutely love how you have styled all three of these and I would definitely wear it all 3 of these ways.
    I like how you’ve styled number 3 as is but to change it up I would add a belt. Not necessarily stockings.

  2. Donna says

    Well I don’t have a slip dress but seeing how you’ve styled it I think I need to get one.
    👌Nice post

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