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Get to Know Me: A Week in my Wardrobe

Have you ever felt as if  you’re having some sort of identity crisis when looking at your wardrobe? No? Just me? My ensembles tended to differ so drastically from day to day, and sometimes still does. There were so many factors that played a part in what I wore. Like:

  • Whether I was meeting clients that day
  • My board of ‘fashion envy’ on Pinterest that turned out to be things I either never wore or swore I’d never wear again. 
  • The weather
  • My mood and whether I was PMSing hard
  • And sillier reasons like whether I just got my hurr did and sillier still, did I feel like braving the three flights of stairs at work in heels that day.

My sense of style was erratic and I ended up with was a closet full of unworn clothes and shoes, an empty wallet except for a few regrets, and a glass full of wine and tears. So when we began this blog, I tried a few things and found a method that really worked for me. Now I have a wardrobe that caters to my every need, says something about me, and I’ve acquired and an eye for hardworking budget items that I can add should I need to switch things up a bit. 

My journey started with minimalism. It’s sort of a more drastic version of a capsule wardrobe. I divided my clothes into roughly 10 items I still wear and items I wasn’t quite ready to get rid of yet. I wanted to see whether I could survive on 10 items alone. LOL. while it works for many, it simply didn’t work. I lacked the creativity to make up several different looks. At best, I could do 4 looks but I’ve seen some fashionistas put together about 10 fabulous outfits with one dress – it’s modern-day sorcery to me.

So the next step was to decide on my personal uniform. Nikki has an easy-as-cake step-by-step guide to finding yours – so check it out here. This is where things really started to change. 

Once I knew my style, I tried a capsule wardrobe that allows for more items and that really worked for me. You can also take it further my doing one-week capsule wardrobe where you plan your attire, per week. It’s really great for switching up your looks from week to week so that your clothes last just a little bit longer and you don’t get bored of the same outfits.



This is probably my favourite look. There is nothing simpler than slipping into a dress and some classic sneakers. It’s indicates a little effort, and after-work drinks doesn’t involve an outfit change. I usually pair it with a waterfall cardi and belt on chillier days.

This dress is from Pep and was just R69.99!

Shop it here.



I can’t tell you how much I love this skirt. It’s made from the perfect material. It’s thick and heavy providing much-needed warmth in winter, yet skims and flatters your curves beautifully. Add some opaque tights and a chunky knit for a cute yet cosy look. It’s from Cotton On and I haven’t seen it in stock but here is an even better style – it’s pleated making it simply adorable. And at R299, it’s a price I love too. The knit was R329 from H&M. I also saw a few stunning knits at Edgars starting from R189.99.



You know those days where there are no meetings, no presentations or lunches with clients but you still feel like looking your best? This little ensemble is perfect for that. Because of the detail on the shirt, you don’t need any accessories and it’s surprisingly comfortable! Find a similar style at Cotton On.



I’m actually an extroverted introvert (or vice versa, I forget) so on days where I need to command a room, I usually let’s a bright and beautiful dress do the talking. It’s just fun and exciting and hints at my actual personality burning inside. And if you’re running out of the office straight to date night, it works too. I have a few in my wardrobe for just such an occasion and found similar styles at Superbalist. Shop here



Oh jeans – my life. How will I ever live without them? To be honest, most days the blazer sits on the back of my chair but it’s perfect for impromptu get-togethers and meetings you may have missed in your calendar. These jeans are from Edgars but Exact is having a sale on their demins and found a gorgeous pair for for R190!

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