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A Simply Sensational Study under R1000!

I have been pinning pics of home office porn since we lived in a tiny flat and only had one set of little feet running around. I finally spotted the perfect one on Google – monochrome, minimal and magical, and I was super excited that the creator was about to share her budget, before and after pics and step-by-step ideas. But when I had a look at the shopping list, it was well over R20 000! I was crushed. I didn’t have that kind of dough lying around and I really enjoyed both of my kidneys. So it was put on hold for a while.

This year, I really needed a creative space – something inspiring, inviting, functional and pretty where I could write and be innovative and productive. A place that was mine alone and made me smile.

As far as budget goes, I had practically none so I had to get creative, shop smartly and cheaply and change my birthday wishlist to incorporate gifts into my study.


The first step is to hit Pinterest. I’m sure that you already have a fantasy board so here is mine. I’m easily distracted so knew that I didn’t want much clutter or colours – I had a simple monochrome and rose gold theme in mind with some greenery to inject some vibrance.

If you prefer a little more colour, here are some full-of-life options bound to keep you energised for hours.


Our home came with a study and desk area already so I was lucky that I could save thousands! If you’re working with a smaller space, don’t fret, there are ways to get around it – you can literally have an office space anywhere – up against a smaller wall, in your kitchen, even below a a staircase. Have a look at the fantastic ideas below.

If you don’t have a desk, with the teensiest amount of elbow grease, you could do a DIY desk in one afternoon. All you need are brackets and some raw wood – available at any hardware store – I spotted a set of two brackets at both Buco and Builders Warehouse for around R90! And they come with screws. Ask the friendly staff for advice on how much weight the screws and brackets can hold. You can also create floating shelves in the same way with wood about a ruler’s length. If you’re looking to upcycle, an old door could easily double as a desk and help the planet out a little. Trestle tables are also an option and you can find them on gumtree too!

I found a few simple tutorials to help you create the desk of your choosing.
For a murphy desk that folds away to save space, click here.
For a floating desk with some packing space (see in pic 5) click here.
You can also find a simple desk online on gumtree, roll up your sleeves and give it a lick of colourful paint. I found this super cheap one on gumtree for R250! So browse around. In my area we also have a Freecycle page where you and neighbours swop old items you no longer use – you could get a desk in exchange for a pair of gumboots! Find out if you have one in your area. Then grab some paint and get to work! Pop has these to-die-for colours at just R99! Pick your shade here.

Now that you have your space set up, it’s time to plan according to your needs. What are you looking for in an office space? And what do you need?
– a laptop
– a wire grid/notice boards to stick reminders and inspiration to
– space for files and folders to store invoices, to-do lists and budgets
– a lamp
– shelving
– a calendar
– a bin
– stationery such as pens, labels, files, folders, storage boxes and notepads
Once you know your needs, you can make a list and shop accordingly. In this way, you can focus on functionality and leave the pretty details for last. Once you have everything you need, focus on things you’d like in your study and shop around.
Mambo’s/Plic have some amazing storage solutions so browse to your heart’s content.


Little details are always heavenly and this is what really adds life, attitude and little bit of ‘you’ to the space. I only needed pens and a monthly planner, and I’ve always wanted to incorporate a gift wrapping station into the space. If there’s one thing I’m always looking for in our home it’s cello tape. Now I have my scissors, tape and wrapping paper in one convenient space. I also wanted to include motivational quotes to keep me fired up and inspired. I found a quote online that I loved and designed it on our of those free sites so saved on buying prints.
‘Dala’ is a saying that always makes me smile and gets me going. So I had it custom made. It just gives me that little push of motivation. I found a few rose gold stationery items on Superbalist that I simply love – Typo really has the sweetest stationery out there that super functional and helps me get a little organised too. Shop their range here.

Nothing brings more life, colour and energy to a space, quite like plants. They practically say ‘hello’ and are sure to switch up your mood at any time. Browse your local nursery or browse gumtree and second hand pages soon Facebook – you can pick up succulents for next to nothing. I’ve seen potted plants from as little as R15!

I hope you enjoyed all the advice and for inspired by my little space.

  • Here’s my Shopping List: 
  • Wire Wall Grid: from, R173
  • Letter blocks spelling ‘DALA’: – from Olly Polly – R25 per block (R100)
  • Stationery and mug: from Typo, R199 – I had a R250 off promo code from Superbalist so I count these as free 🙂
  • Two-tone basket: by SimplyChild from Superbalist, R249
  • Paper storage bag: from Simply Child, R70
  • Plant in vase: gift from mother-in-law
  • Hashtag shelf: gift from a friend and only cost me a bottle of whiskey
  • Wooden camera: from Klein Poppedyn, R50 on clearance
  • Rose gold cross print: from Simply Home, R100
  • Rubber plant: from gumtree, R100
  • Metal paper tray in rose gold from Mr Price Home, R139.99



Striped rug from Superbalist, R599 – this one usually goes on sale for round about R314 so I would wait.
Rose gold desk lamp, Mr Price Home, R199
To-do list, Storage boxes, Unicorn pencil holder, Desk sets, ‘Real List’ notebook, unicorn scissors – all from Typo. Shop them here.
White geometric vase, Pep, R29.99
Floating black shelf from Superbalist, R299
Adventures Begin Right Here‘ and ‘Monster Leaf’ print from Simply Child, from R130 each
‘Hanging Leaf’ (R399.99 – framed), “Make Today Magical’ (R149.99) and ‘Choose Happy’ (R79.99) prints from Mr Price Home


  1. René Stevens says

    Thank you so much for this post.
    I’ve just started my own gifting service and have been moaning to my husband that I need a new work space and this post came just in time to help me with some ideas.
    I used to love Pinterest and haven’t gone on in a while but will definitely be going on for some more inspo. I love l9ve love superbalist and did not know that they sell Stationary as well. I’ll definitely check out their website (I’m on there right now (😁).

    You ladies are doing an amazing job and you’re definitely helping me hone some ideas on what I’d like to do on my page.

    Check it out.

    @everydayrenegifting on Facebook and Instagram.

    • Hello Rene,

      We are thrilled that you loved it and that it inspired you to tackle your own home office. Yes, Typo is now on Superbalist and they have the most amazing stationery and storage items to get your space looking on point. It’s stationery heaven! Check it out. And yes, we’ll check out your page too. xx Thanks so much for the love.
      Kim and Nikki

  2. Ashnee Rothquel says

    Hi Kim, absolutely love this post! Truly inspiring… it looks amazing… well done!

    • Two Babes on a Budget says

      Aw thanks, hun! That makes my heart so happy ♥️ ❤️

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