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Budget Outfits Perfect for Breastfeeding

I first became a mother in 2012. It’s strange, it was just over six years ago but even then there were limited options in terms of maternity wear and dresses or tops suitable for breastfeeding. Your options were pretty much maternity jeans. I bought two pairs that dug into my belly and were so uncomfortable that I barely wore them. For this reason, I spent most of my days in high waisted pantyhose or leggings, no bra and loose vests which did wonders for my self esteem. While I spent my days cuddling this gorgeous bundle I lost a few things – sleep, sanity and my view of myself. Your body doesn’t quite feel like yours and your breasts became someone’s breakfast, lunch and dinner joint. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely loved every minute of it but I didn’t feel like a woman anymore, like a beautiful, sexy women – when I wasn’t in mesh panties from the Carriwell collection, I managed to find an hour to go on a dinner date which would get cut short the minute it was feeding time. So when doing research for this post I wanted to find styles that showed motherhood outside of the leggings and vests world. Styles that’ll make you look and feel like your old self – whatever that may be.

I asked myself what you’d like from a dress or top when breastfeeding.

  • Something cool and comfortable
  • Something practical with easy access
  • Something that can transition easily from pregnancy to post-partum and still offer post-baby belly support without having to toss out an entire wardrobe when it’s no longer needed.
  • Something beautiful that still makes you look and feel gorgeous
  • Something budget friendly – when it comes to maternity or breastfeeding options, I’ve noticed that prices in the region of R400 is rather common. But I found styles well under R400!

The Fix

The Fix has super-cute dresses that I would wear every day of my life. Toss on a chunky waterfall cards for winter and you’re good to go. I also found a jumpsuit that’s adorable but not too sure if it is a good idea at a time where you’re chugging jungle juice like a frat teen or going to the loo every few minutes. Their wrap dresses start from just R119.99.

Shop their delightful collection here.

Cherry Melon

Cherry Melon has been in existence for a few years and specialises in making women feel as comfortable as possible during their pregnancy. They create feminine and easy-to-wear maternity wear that will work with you throughout pregnancy, feeding and beyond. And all styles are designed and manufactured locally in South Africa. They’re having a sale on at moment with styles starting from just R99!

Shop their practical yet pretty range here
Shop their Sale range here.


Woolies has a collection of stunning dresses and tops that are office ready, breastfeeding ready and perfect for a day in or out. Styles start from R299!

Shop their beautiful collection here.

Mr Price

Mr Price has a maternity section in store and many of their wrap dresses live beyond giving birth. I’m so happy that they’ve brought some of the hottest trends like animal prints and florals into their collection. Tops and dresses start from just R100!

Shop their wrap dresses here.
Shop their maternity collection here.

Superbalist had the largest range by far and you’re absolutely spoilt for choice in terms of styles, designs and occasion. They have a maternity collection and gorgeous everyday wear that had me drooling. And styles start from just R119!

Shop their extensive collection here.
Shop their maternity range here.

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