Month: June 2019

One Tee. 5 Statements.

Statement tees have been trending for a while now and over at Two Babes we are LIVING for them! It’s a movement we’re not seeing the end of, thank goodness! It’s a way to say something about yourself or make a statement about your beliefs without saying a word. And because they’re so popular, everyone owns at least one. Or ten.  Because what’s not to love? For one, graphic t-shirts are incredibly versatile – they can be BFFs with basically anything in your wardrobe and can go from day to evening in a flash. It’s one of those comfy staples that works for every shape and are dirt cheap – starting from about R59.99 Gone are the days when the everyday t-shirt was just a cotton essential to laze about in over the weekend; nowadays you can get as much mileage out of it as a trusty Toyota Tazz. From catwalks to red carpets, black tie to boardroom, street style to street fair it’s a timeless piece works for winter or summer, casual or chic, and …

How to Host a Style Swap Party!

We’ve all had these thoughts:Why did I buy that?This doesn’t fit well.I’m over this dress. I’ve outgrown this style.I need new clothes but also, moneys.Or simply, I have nothing to wear, yet my closet is so full. Nikki and I have wanted to plan a Style Swap party for MONTHS! The thought of sipping cocktails or Pinot Noir while mulling over gorgeous fashion that is absolutely FREE to boot is my idea of heaven. We’re on day 20 of #NoBuyJune and it’s been a perfect indication of the holes in our wardrobes, and in our wallets! While decluttering can be a bit of a bore it needn’t be – a style swap party is a fun way to have an exciting girl’s night, purge old or unwanted items and add fabulous pieces to your wardrobe. As the saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ so while you may be tired of your tan ankle boots, someone may think they’re delish!

Are Trends Knocking our Self-Confidence?

On Sunday, I got out of the shower and starting dancing in front of the mirror – just hips and tiddies flying everywhere. Then it hit me (a realisation, not a tiddy). While I’ve never been in love with my body, I’ve never been ashamed of it either. I’m a fine art drop-out so I’ve always had a certain comfort level with nudity, including my own. So where was this discomfort and often self-loathing coming from? Upon mental investigation I discovered that it only started the minute I would stuff myself into an unflattering garment. The premise of fashion has always been two (rather exclusionary and damaging) traits — not just skinniness but extreme ‘size zero’ skinniness, and of course youth. You’re expected to have the body of a pre-pubescent gymnast and have the same youthful glow too.  With the body positivity movement, fashion has taken huge strides by becoming more inclusive – flaunting fashion for every shape, age, and skin tone. But what happens when you arrive in store? Are the advertised sizes available? Are …

26 Free Things To Do During Winter

I have often been downright evangelical about how much I love winter. There is just something about taking a brisk walk with an icy wind blowing in your face that I adore. You may not know this about me, but I lived in Norway for a few years and I moved there in the winter. Leaving Cape Town in summer and landing in Norway to -15 degrees was a shock to my system, but if there is one thing I took away from my time in the great white north it’s that there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. While compiling this list, I kept the cold temperatures in mind and picked only the most exciting winter activities I could think of.