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Five Fabulous Friday Finds – #1

Friends! As I mentioned on Instagram earlier this morning, Kim and I are going to be introducing a new series to the blog, this is the new series by the way. We’ve realised (through our exploits in frugality) that we experience wonderful things every single week and not all of them are as a result of a purchase, we read, we eat, we meet, we experience… So every week, starting from today, we will be sharing five things that have truly sparked that joy during the course of the week.

As you guys may know (if you watch our Instagram stories) I have had a really challenging 2 weeks thanks to a terrible chest infection that just won’t quit, Grace having chicken pox, and my raging, throbbing anxiety due to my growing work related to do list. Finding joy this week has been something of a challenge. So last night when Kim suggested I start this series this week, my first thought was “sherbs, I am going to have dig really deep”. But then as I sat there, on my couch, considering the week I’ve had, I realised that I didn’t have to dig that deep at all. Guys, at the risk of sounding like that cheeseball biets, there really is so much to give thanks for.

Ok, let’s get started.


I have been struggling with epic fatigue and as a result, my concentration has been shot to shit. In my day job, I cannot do without focus. I get zero work done. I was in the trenches and my sanity was suffering. As I often do, I went to Twitter for help and asked for recommendations. These amazing vitamin B patches were mentioned and I immediately dashed out to Wellness Warehouse to get a box. They cost about R260 (I can’t remember the exact amount but it’s definitely in that range) and I have used them twice now. One box lasts about a month and you use one patch every second day or so, leaving it on for 24 hours. I have honestly noticed a marked difference in my energy levels. I’ll keep you posted but so far, so great!


I cut my hair! My hair grows incredibly fast and in just a year it’s gone from being just under my ear to covering half my boob. I have such a love-hate relationship with my hair. It honestly does nothing. I am not one of those people who excel at doing hairstyles. I can’t curl or anything, so it just kind of hangs there. Which I hate. Anyway. I am really looking enjoying my new shorter do.


It’s been almost a whole month of not watching Netflix. I have a huge stack of books I need to get through, yes need is the word I am going with because I am not allowed to by more books until I have read all my unreads. One of the books in the “to read” pile was Nora Roberts’ The Obsession. I am almost done with it, it’s highly addictive and enjoyable. I am not a huge Nora Roberts fan, but I found this one to be just right. A palette cleanser while I wait for my next book series obsession. What are you reading now? I need recommendations.


I really loved this blog post written by Kerry Sharper of Kandidly Kerry. Kerry is one of my favourite bloggers and in this post, she explores what healthy body image means to a variety of different women. If the body positive movement is something that interests you, Kerry’s blog is a great place to start.
Read more here >


A while back Kim and I attended the InstaMamaMeet and in the goodie, I received this AMAZING hydrating face masque from Natural Beauty (and you guys know what a HUGE fan I am of Naturals Beauty). If your skin struggles during the colder month, and you find you are desperate need of some moisture, I would seriously recommend giving this product a try. I have been using it once a week and it has given my skin the moisture injection it’s needed.

Ok, that’s all for now. It’s the weekend so I hope you all do the maximum amount of relaxing!

Lots of love!


  1. I love this idea. I discovered a new detergent for my bathroom last weekend and it has basically changed my life and I instantly wanted to tell everyone so this is a cool way to discover things like that.
    I am very intrigued by those Vitamin B patches. I hate the injection but love the effects of it so this might be a great alternative.
    Yay, thank you so much for reading that post and the mention. It was one of my favourite posts to write because those women are all so damn inspiring.

  2. Love this series and post Nikki!

    I suck at hair too…. I am famous for my mom bun….from before i even became a mom… *le sigh*

    Love the idea of the patches and also…obsessed with Kerry!

    Book recommendations…. Run Away by Harlan Coben was amazing, so was The Neighbour by Fiona Cummins…if you’re into thrillers. I know a gal…who does book reviews…you should check her out…. ha ha

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