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Working It In Winter: What to wear to the office when it’s cold outside

You guys know that I have written quite a bit about wardrobe efficiency and how I absolutely loathe that whole moment where we stand in front of our cupboard in our undies and ruminate over what on earth we will wear to work today. I recently unsubscribed from ALL of the e-commerce newsletters (hello, how toxic are those bad boys). I felt like the constant reminders to shop were affecting my sanity. Anyway, because I unsubscribed to all of them, I haven’t been getting those newness updates. So on Sunday when I popped over to the Superbalist site for the first time in ages, I was SHOCKED! You guys, there are so many amazing things up at the moment. It feels like the perfect time to do a light winter update to your wardrobe. I have put together a quick list of 20 items from their standard and plus size ranges. All of these items would be great for work, home or outings.

Think of these items as great little updates to your current winter wardrobe. By now we are all cold enough to know what we have to work with when it comes to dressing for work. We would have realised where the gaps in our winter wardrobe are. For me, those gas are jeans, jumpers, long sleeve dresses and accessories. I have added boots because even though I don’t need any, they are like crack to me and I have never passed on an opportunity to acquire some well-priced ankle boots!

Ok, let’s start:


My chunky ass thighs mean my jeans are constantly wearing own between my legs and I think I probably buy more jeans than I should but this is the cross I carry as a thick thighed woman. Here are a few great options for skinny jeans from Superbalist. As usual, the budget items are bountiful in the standard size curves, but we plus size girls are going to pay a little extra for our jeans.

SHOP: Plus Size 5 Pocket Jeans |  White Boyfriend Baggy Jeans | Mid Rise Ripped Skinny Jeans | Cropped Pull on Jeans | Dusty Mid Rise Cords | Plus Size 5 Pocket Jeans | Black Jeggings | Distressed Mom Jeans | Basic Blue Skinny Jeans | Distressed Black Skinny Jeans | Tube Jeans | Dark Blue Distressed Skinny Jeans |


Much like my ankle boots problem, I never met a jumper I didn’t love. I am a HUGE fan of statement knitwear. I see bright, gorgeous knits as an opportunity to liven up my usually dull wardrobe. I wear a lot of black and grey to work and tossing on a fun bright jumper looks great and also leaves me feeling a lot more vibey.

SHOP: Brown Teddy Cardigan | Lilac Pompom Cable Knit | Stripe Pull Over | Leopard Print Pull Over | Shaggy Cardigan | Pink and Black Stripe Pull Over | Neutrals Stripe Pull Over | Yellow Cable Knit | Beige Cable Knit | Black and White Stripe Shirt | Emerald Green Boxy Pull Over | Textured Cardigan | Black Criss Cross Pull Over | Basic Ginger Cardigan | Oversized Red Jumper Dress | Belted Black Top | Emerald Green Teddy Cardigan | Black Drop Waist Jersey Top |


A dress is pretty much a complete outfit. We love them all summer long and forget them in winter. I really believe that a dress is a versatile, hard-working wardrobe essential and I cannot overstate this. In winter pair your favourite frock with some thick stockings and boots and you’re good to go. They also allow us to navigate those horrible temperature changes as we move from inside to outside.

SHOP: Green fit and flare dress | Pleated Maxi Dress | Floral Warp Dress | Rust Coloured Floral Warp Dress | Black Mesh Skater Dress | Blue Floral Shirt Dress | Denim Dress | Embroidered Black Shirt Dress | Oversized Plaid Dress | Three Quarter Knit Dress (WITH POCKETS!!) | Emerald Green Fit and Flare Dress | Candy Stripe Belted Dress |


As I said, give me all the boots. Right now there are some amazing options on Superbalist and MRP and I would not be doing my duty to you if I did not share these amazing finds.

SHOP: Pink Ankle Boots | Brown Slip On Boots | Yellow Ankle Boots | White Kitten Heel Boots | Tan Cowboy Boots | Blush Pink Velvet Boots |


I’m still wrapping my head around this trend, I love it, but I look a bit deranged when I wear scarves. I think it’s my short neck. However I am so keen to try this trend, so watch this space. Can you expect a “5 ways to style your blanket scarf” post soon? YOU BETCHA!

SHOP: Red Plaid Blanket Scarf | Black Blanket Scarf | White Stripe Blanket Scarf | Colour Block Blanket Scarf | Dusty Pink Stripe Blanket Scarf |

Ok, that’s a wrap (pun intended). Have you guys found any great winter items lately? Jump in the comments and share those links!


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