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I Copied 3 Street Style Looks and Wore Them to Work!

Recently, I did a little test and copied 3 street styles. To understand why I needed to do this, I have to preface my post with a few questions:

Show of hands, who here doesn’t feel beautiful, whether sometimes or all of the time?

Who feels that they’re doing everything for everyone else and not for themselves? Whether simply complimenting someone else or always doing favours for others?

Who among us no longer puts effort into their appearance because we’ve convinced yourself that it’s not important? Or that we don’t have time?

Who has self-deprecating attitude? Following every compliment to yourself (if any!) with a “harmless” self dig. “This skirt on me is perfection except for this muffin top.”

Who here uses words or looks for a clothing item that “hides, skims, minimises” their curves.

We need to stop. Two Babes is first and foremost on self care and a major part of loving and caring for yourself, it not only start healthy habits but break toxic habits too.

I watched Queer Eye the other night and asked myself these questions. More than just a makeover show, it takes participants on a self exploration journey. I cried through five episodes and boy, were there tons of things I learned about myself.

If you have reached the level of self love that makes you feel confident and comfortable in your skin, then you can just skip to the looks. If not, read on, sister.

  1. Often when we do everything for others and none for ourselves, it’s because we don’t feel we deserve it. We project the things we wish we could say or do for ourselves onto others. It’s not that we don’t mean it, it comes form a rather honest place. We just wish we were brace enough to say it to ourselves,.
  2. When you feel confident, it’ll radiate from you.
  3. Regarding our self-deprecating attitudes, sometimes we convince ourselves that people are thinking or saying terrible things about us when they’re not. Your kids aren’t saying the horrible things you say about yourself. Your family isn’t. Your partner isn’t. Your friends aren’t. So why are we? The next time that you look in the mirror and find yourself bullying yourself, turn your bad thoughts into good ones. See yourself a whole person. Say, “I love this about myself.” A friend, Lee, shared a post: Stop this toxic habit of touching their bodies in a hostile way. You grab your fat rolls around your stomach, or fiddle with your stretch marks, jiggle your thighs or touch acne or cellulite with feelings of shame and disgust. Your nerves pick up on that. Stop bullying your body.
  4. And when it comes to your body, you don’t have to minimise or hide it. This is the powerful, beautiful, healthy body you were blessed with. Show it off, why not?
  5. Yes, there are things that we need, but there is nothing wrong with having what you want as well.
  6. Find your joy. And do more of that.

These are the realisations that made me brave enough to try looks that I haven’t worn before. Usually I would think of numerous reasons why I “couldn’t pull it off” but this time I challenged to have no reservations and just go for it. So often we tell ourselves, a change of clothes won’t make a difference but shallow as it is, we all judge people in the first seven seconds of meeting them. My chiropractor arrived in board shorts and flip flips and immediately my eyes scanned the room for diplomas. When you feel comfortable and confident, when you make time and put in effort for yourself, it certainly radiates from every pore of your body.

So here are the looks that helped me get my mojo back.


Processed with MOLDIV

I have been lusting after this skirt for months but convinced myself that I couldn’t afford it right now or that No-Buy June prohibited me from it but really I didn’t believe that I was “Cool enough”. The day I wore it, I got a “your skirt game is on fleek, gurl” so I knew I made the right choice. It’s a simple as pairing it with a denim shirt, ora tee and jacket
Skirt any China Town, R210.
Denim shirt – it’s so old but you can find one at The Fix, R249.99 or a distressed one at Superbalist, R269 


Processed with MOLDIV

This winter, this coat has given me LIFE. You can literally toss it over any outfit and elevate it immediately. Do a french tuck with your knit and, throw in a clutch and waistbelt and you’re office- or rooftop bar ready.

Coat and paperbag pants, Mr Price – R349.99 and R179.99 respectively.


Green is my absolute favourite colour and I’ve been DYING to pair it with an animal print skirt. It’s earthy meets earth warrior. Something about the texture of the knit paired with a flowy skirt has so many layers of fun. An my trusty All Starts – I never thought that I could pair with a silk skirt.
PSA: A great skirt in a fun print – animal, bold colours, pleated or metallic is something everyone should have in the closets! A colleague actually mentioned to me that seeing my metallic skirt made her brave enough to dust off her pink pleated skirts she’s wanted to rock for months!

Knit form H&M, R429 – no online store. Try this one at Superbalist, R299
Skirt – find similar styles at Superbalist, R259 , R299 or R599 (get those promo codes ready!)

That’s a wrap 3 street style looks that are super easy to copy. I hope that you will push your personal style, try three new outfits and watch those compliments roll in! You deserve to look fabulous. You deserve glowing skin and healthy hair. You deserve it fucking all!


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