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Hey, welcome! 

If you’ve ever paged through your closet as if it’s the saddest little novel around, mouthing, “I have absolutely nothing to wear,” then thumbed through your wallet with the same exasperation, then you’ve come to the right place.

Hello, we’re Nikki and Kim – Nix and… Kim for short, and we started this page for people just like us. Nikki’s style can be described as “Is it OK to sleep in this even though I wore it to work?” while Kim’s as “Carefully manoeuvres through drive-thrus since she’s mostly pantsless”. 

We’ve realised there’s a difference between your personal style and the style you can afford, so we’re here to close that gap.

By day, Kim works as a writer at a top Cape Town-based ad agency and Nikki works as a communications manager for an international non-profit. At night, we’re each mums, nurses, teachers and T-rexes – both the fun and ferocious kind – to two gorgeous girls. But this year, we decided to explore life outside of these two roles. We’ve already conquered the mom life (just kidding, that doesn’t happen, we’re drowning just like everyone else) and it’s time for a new chapter. 2018 has taught us the importance of self care. In our busy, stressful and sometimes even hum drums lives, this continuously seemed to be what was missing. So, we started with our wardrobes.

We’re Two Babes on a Budget. And we’re inviting you on our journeys of self discovery, self-care and fierce fashion. We’ll take you by the hand and show you how to dress (for every body shape and budget), share our most fierce finds (and where to shop for them) and top-secret shopping tips. This is our self-love letter to you so you, too, can: Live Beautifully. On a Budget

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