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Best Budget Boots for Winter

I have never been this excited for a blog post before!! Trawling fashion sites and trend report for winter boot styles, it’s clear that 2019 is the year for total boot experimentation! Designs are perfectly placed to bring out your individual style and appeal to your inner fashion risk-taker! So let’s first talk about the trends that have the fashion world abuzz. From the New York, London and Milan Fashion Week, the winter 2019 collection is lust-worthy styles that will have your heart racing. Ankle to thigh high to cowboy to laced up, there’s a boot for everybody! Boots can be pricey with styles starting at R599 but I found a few budget buys for well under R400, and included some R699 designs. If you’re not ready to dip your toe in the adventurous pool, I’ve saved the best for last. But know, ’tis the season to express yourself so you have an excuse to be extra! HEEL APPEALOne of the most refreshing changes we saw was the cutting-edge fascination with heels. Gone are the …

How To: One Friggin’ Fabulous Skirt Three Ways

It’s here! The universal skirt that looks amazing on everyone! And marries well with practically everything you own. Often with fashion there are items you’re intimidated by – perhaps thinking they’re too flashy, that you’ll wear it for one occasion and be done with it, but this skirts will be BFFs with just about anything in your closet! Gone are the days when basics were boring or simply black, this one’s a winner that’ll you’ll get tons of wear from. There’s no reason why you can’t be adventurous and have a little fun with fashion. I was so filled with glee when I found it that I literally danced and couldn’t wait to get home and try it on. It’s the most comfortable skirt I’ve ever worn and if you’re looking for work wear or an after-hours fierce ensemble, this skirt is EVERYTHING! It’s loose-fitting with an elastic waist, flowy and feels so soft on your skin. I saw it at Cotton On for R450 and got R100 off when signed up for the Perks …

A Simply Sensational Study under R1000!

I have been pinning pics of home office porn since we lived in a tiny flat and only had one set of little feet running around. I finally spotted the perfect one on Google – monochrome, minimal and magical, and I was super excited that the creator was about to share her budget, before and after pics and step-by-step ideas. But when I had a look at the shopping list, it was well over R20 000! I was crushed. I didn’t have that kind of dough lying around and I really enjoyed both of my kidneys. So it was put on hold for a while. This year, I really needed a creative space – something inspiring, inviting, functional and pretty where I could write and be innovative and productive. A place that was mine alone and made me smile. As far as budget goes, I had practically none so I had to get creative, shop smartly and cheaply and change my birthday wishlist to incorporate gifts into my study. PINNING LEADS TO WINNING! The first …

Best Budget Bras – Sports Bras and Sizes up to GG included

Let me start this post by saying, Womxn, we all deserve good f*cking bras. If you’re like me, your bra collection is probably falling apart with one or two trustworthy, fail-safe bras that you reach for again and again. I reviewed my collection and it went like this: missing underwire, missing underwire, missing underwire, too small, too scratchy, broken, broken, OK, comfortable enough, missing underwire, rusty. I also examined the damage – bruises from old wires and cuts from straps because they simply didn’t fit properly. Dressing up and feeling great starts with a decent bra – a dress you look gorgeous in is made all the better with a bra that makes you feel comfortable and more beautiful, without the dreaded side boob, quad boob, pinching underwires and escaping boobies. A good bra, a comfortable bra, a sexy bra is all part of self-care. This blog post is based on my findings two years ago vs yesterday, and there were a few questions I asked myself. Do stores cater to every size?  Are the collections …

Get to Know Me: A Week in my Wardrobe

Have you ever felt as if  you’re having some sort of identity crisis when looking at your wardrobe? No? Just me? My ensembles tended to differ so drastically from day to day, and sometimes still does. There were so many factors that played a part in what I wore. Like: Whether I was meeting clients that day My board of ‘fashion envy’ on Pinterest that turned out to be things I either never wore or swore I’d never wear again.  The weather My mood and whether I was PMSing hard And sillier reasons like whether I just got my hurr did and sillier still, did I feel like braving the three flights of stairs at work in heels that day. My sense of style was erratic and I ended up with was a closet full of unworn clothes and shoes, an empty wallet except for a few regrets, and a glass full of wine and tears. So when we began this blog, I tried a few things and found a method that really worked for me. …

10 Ways to Cosy Up your Home on A Budget

I am a recent winter convert. Yes, the weather is dreary but this chilly season provides all those little things we love about life – a good book, time with the kids, crackling fires and taking a break from our fast-paced lives. In winter, there’s absolutely no shame in spending days under a cosy duvet and not a shred of guilt need be felt for avoiding the chilly reality on the other side of our curtains. So when it comes to creating a cosy space to enjoy those cold winter months, we have you covered. I’ve always loved the minimalist lifestyle and recently when I Kon Mari’ed the sh*t out of our lives, I was worried that I’d need to add a lot of clutter. But, really, all you need are a few throws or snuggle-soft blankets, some mood lighting and few bits and bobs to create a warm ambiance. So here are 10 budget-friendly ways to add warmth and love your home this winter. Cosy starts in the bedroom Creating a snug winter home …

Our Loungewear Edit

Our favourite styles from R80! There’s nothing better than curling up on the couch with a hot cup of coffee and good book when you do find a single quiet moment. It’s only made better when it’s in something super comfortable. So, slip into these cosy budget loungewear, handpicked by Two Babes on a Budget and all (barring one) under R300! I don’t know who the genius was who introduced loungewear but the fact that pjs have become part of fashion speaks to my soul – it’s a dream I’ve had for pretty much my entire life. You can skip the outfit change from lounging around to hopping out for a quick grocery run, or from daytime to sleep time – it’s perfect for curbing the embarrassment you feel when opening for the delivery guy in threadbare Snoopy PJs.

Autumn Trend Colours to Wear Now

I am a summer person. Late sunsets, fruity cocktails, beach picnics with friends. But there’s one thing I love more and that’s the trendy colours autumn brings to the party. Every year, the colour palette seems to borrow from nature – from crisp autumn leaves soaked in warm ochres, rich reds with hints of sky blue, to precious jewel tones in crimson reds, emerald greens and citrine yellows. This year is no different. 2019’s autumn/winter 2019/2020 is set to offer many instagrammable photo ops – it’s sophisticated and strong; a meaningful palette of colour that empowers and instills confidence as well as balance, giving you more freedom to create your personal sense of style.


I was rather nervous to write this blog post. Whenever you think of investment pieces it’s usually something that is worth buying because it may be useful in the future, give you tons of wear and thus more bang for your buck, but it often comes with a price tag only the Kardashians have seen and bought. Think leather boots, a quality trench coat and thick, durable denims. All of this doesn’t seem to sit around the same campfire as a budget blog where you’re showing people how to stay fashionable even when they’re broke as hell. So I did a little investigation. Can you buy investment pieces at a time when you’re siphoning petrol from your lawnmover? Let’s see.

10 Things On My Winter Wishlist

Winter is coming. And Nikki and I have been furiously and fiercely pinning and preparing for our autumn capsule wardrobe posts. Shopping and shooting whenever we get a chance. But looking at the pins I absolutely LOVED vs what I actually wear, left a few inconsistencies that made me wonder what my personal style actually is. Then Nikki in her brilliance gave me the answer. We’ve spoken about personal uniforms for a while – this is your tried-and-tested, true-to-you fashion. You usually need to sit still and examine your wardrobe to see what you wear on a daily basis. But in a nutshell, it is your signature look. Fashion that makes you feel the most comfortable and confident and more like ‘you’. Fashion you gravitate towards time after time. Nikki is a bottoms and top person while I tend to steer towards dresses. But I’ve wanted to switch things up for a while.