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Modern Frugality: no mo’ shame in living simply

I have too much stuff.Why did I buy that?I need to pay off my debt.I need to get my $#!t together and organise my life.That croissant was terrible. Why did I pay R36 for it?I would go on holiday if only I could afford it.I don’t know if I can afford to retire.I need to save.My life has spun out of control.I need advice on planning my budget.I’m bombarded with sales and ‘shop now’ emails.I feel anxious all the time.The burden of clutter is killing’ meThat wide open space makes me want to fill it with new stuff.My friends keep booking extravagant outings, and I don’t know how to opt out.I’d like to lower my carbon footprint. If you ever uttered any of the above words, then this is the perfect post for you. I heard the phrase ‘Modern Frugality’ for the first time last week. And my first instinct was “Guurl, being broke is finally trending!” Frugality sounded like this cool, new app, all the young kids were using. But it’s become more than …

Cute, Cosy & Stylish for Winter

Do you do that thing where you’re so impressed with your summer wardrobe because all you need to do is slip into a super-cute floral print and be on your way, but when the freezing months come around you’re filled with a slight panic? Winter is the time for nesting and going into full hibernation mode – warm puds, crackling fires, red wine, extending your book collection but you have to go out at some point. You actually have to consider your look, and of course, stay warm at the same time.  When I came up with this post, I was so cocky that I could just go to Pinterest, search for ‘cute, cosy and stylish’ and post links to hundreds of looks that worked for winter. Ha! I mostly found people standing in below-zero weather in denim mini-skirts, Uggs and Sherpa coats or towering stilletos and chincilla coats. While I found amazing drool-worthy looks, most were not indicative of anything any of us would wear on any given day. What works for JLo may not …

10 Cheap and Chic Budget Getaways

In my early twenties my friends and I would jet off to a farm or beach side va-cay for some much-needed R&R and bonding at least twice a year. As every long weekend approached we were practically giddy with glee and would spend months saving and planning to kick off our shoes, float blissfully on a rubber duckies and shake off the year’s stresses. I don’t know what we were escaping from since we were plump and rosy with youth and our only worries were our imminent thirties. As we got older and our lives moved into different directions with careers and families, my hubby and I tried our best to stick to the twice a year break, but when you have kids and a bond and car payments and school responsibilities, that dream moves from twice a year to twice a decade.

Budget Outfits Perfect for Breastfeeding

I first became a mother in 2012. It’s strange, it was just over six years ago but even then there were limited options in terms of maternity wear and dresses or tops suitable for breastfeeding. Your options were pretty much maternity jeans. I bought two pairs that dug into my belly and were so uncomfortable that I barely wore them. For this reason, I spent most of my days in high waisted pantyhose or leggings, no bra and loose vests which did wonders for my self esteem. While I spent my days cuddling this gorgeous bundle I lost a few things – sleep, sanity and my view of myself. Your body doesn’t quite feel like yours and your breasts became someone’s breakfast, lunch and dinner joint. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely loved every minute of it but I didn’t feel like a woman anymore, like a beautiful, sexy women – when I wasn’t in mesh panties from the Carriwell collection, I managed to find an hour to go on a dinner date which would …

Best Budget Boots for Winter

I have never been this excited for a blog post before!! Trawling fashion sites and trend report for winter boot styles, it’s clear that 2019 is the year for total boot experimentation! Designs are perfectly placed to bring out your individual style and appeal to your inner fashion risk-taker! So let’s first talk about the trends that have the fashion world abuzz. From the New York, London and Milan Fashion Week, the winter 2019 collection is lust-worthy styles that will have your heart racing. Ankle to thigh high to cowboy to laced up, there’s a boot for everybody! Boots can be pricey with styles starting at R599 but I found a few budget buys for well under R400, and included some R699 designs. If you’re not ready to dip your toe in the adventurous pool, I’ve saved the best for last. But know, ’tis the season to express yourself so you have an excuse to be extra!