Author: nikki lincoln

My Five Minute Face

My morning makeup routine is fuss free, natural and really takes me about 5, sometimes 6 minutes. I don’t do any fancy colour correcting or contouring. I keep it simple and muted. With two kids, I barely have time to brush my teeth most morning, so elaborate makeup is completely unrealistic. Having said that, I really like the results I’ve managed to achieve in my short five minute routine.

5 Key Trends For A/W 2019

TRENDS SCHMENDS. AMIRITE? I once went to a Li Edelkoort talk and she said “if you think you’ve bought something on trend, that trend has already died”. The truth is, by the time most of the fashion week trends hit mainstream stores, they’ve crested the peak of trendiness. I suppose the real question is, who cares? I have always, (ALWAYS) believed that the only trends worth following are the ones that work for you, your body and your lifestyle. While I absolutely love fashion, I’m really quite on the fence about trendspotting and trend following. Having said that, there are a few key trends that have emerged at the various fashion weeks that excite me massively. Let’s dive in.

Feeding my shoe obsession & where to find the best budget footwear

I have always loved a great pair of shoes. And then I became a mom and fancy gave way to sensible and sensible eventually gave way to slippers. After Sophie was born I began an 18-month long stretch as a stay at home mom. Being a stay at home means turning every penny over twice before you spend it because of a single income home ain’t for fools. And when money is tight, you push yourself very far down the list of priorities.

Eventually, I went back to work and the hangover of brokenness from the single income days lingered for so long. Then Grace was born and it was like the cycle started all over again. Long story short, it’s been a minute since I’ve put myself first and last year was the first year in many years that I treated myself to the things that make me happy. The top of that happy list is shoes.

Nowadays I might be a bit more flush but I am far from wealthy, shopping within a strict budget is a reality for me, as it is for many, many South Africans. If I can find a good deal, I’m happy, if I can find a GREAT deal, I’ll sing from the frigging rooftops.

My 2019 Skin Resolutions

Walking past the mirrors in my house over the past week and a half has been a test for my self-esteem. My skin is looking battered and spotty and so tired. There is no mystery behind this sad state of affairs, I have not been doing the maximum to look after my skin during the holidays. For years I’ve been promising myself that I will take my makeup off before bed, or wear sunscreen, or drink the required 3 litres of water every day. I’ve yet to follow through on these promises. But it’s 2019 and I am turning over a new leaf.

A new year doesn’t mean that you wake up as a new person on January 1st. Very often we (read: I) set lofty goals for the New Year and because they are so ambitious, I seldom achieve them. On New Year’s Eve I sat on my couch with a glass of wine and thought about this. Was I not achieving my goals because they were too hard? Was it something else? I realised that it was a massive lack of intention. I wanted the result of the goal, but I lacked the intention to do the work to achieve those goals. For 2019, I have set no goals and made no resolutions, I have however adopted an attitude of intention. I will keep the promises I make to myself.