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Live Out Loud with Two Babes

“Self-care” trended massively in 2018 and we couldn’t be happier about it. In fact, watching all these amazing women embrace putting themselves first got us so excited that we decided we needed to do the same. By now you know that for both Kim and I, this blog has been one of our greatest acts of self-care. We realised that we needed a place to flourish as women and grow our interests and our friendship beyond our status as mothers. While we will continue to serve you with amazing fashion and lifestyle content, we wanted to find a way to encourage you to do the same. To live out loud, to claim moments for yourself, to treat yourself well… How could we do this in a way that would be fun and encouraging and go beyond the usual call to treat yo’ self? Obviously, the answer to that was we had to sweeten the deal.

Mastering the art of the personal uniform

I love a good quote and when I was building the Two Babes site I stumbled across a real pearl by Stella McCartney: “Personal style starts from within because it’s a philosophy and an attitude. If you’re honest and true to yourself, you will have the best sense of personal style.” #PROFOUNDAF amirite???? It sounds so straightforward, but nailing down this elusive sense of personal style is not always easy. Kim and I are currently hard at work developing two budget capsule wardrobes that could carry you from autumn to winter. In the process of researching all things capsule, we realised that one of the very first steps in developing a capsule wardrobe is sitting down and examining what your personal style is.

Over 80 Plus Size finds for under R200

When you’re shopping for plus size clothing, you generally can’t find anything for under R300. This is so true. As a plus size babe myself, I related. But, I also wanted to test the theory. So I headed to my favourite places to shop _ Superbalist, MrP, Jet and Donna – and looked through their inventory. To my surprise, there were many, many items priced under R200!

The 2019 Closet Clean Up How To

We tend to detox so many things in our lives – our bodies, our garages, our handbags, toxic friendships, but how often do we do a full closet clear out? I think it’s because so many of our purchases come with emotional attachments – reminding us of certain parts of ourselves – memories tucked into the shoes we wore on our first date, the handbag our best friend gifted us for our 21stbirthday, the waist belt we wore the night we ran away, champagne in hand, from a snooze fest of a party. Each item feels like it comes with  a memory tag so it’s understandable that this is a monstrous task.  But decluttering is another form of self-care – it clears mental baggage and is as important as a massage or yoga.

Hello World! Here we are.

If you’ve ever paged through your closet as if it’s the saddest little novel around, mouthing, “I have absolutely nothing to wear,” then thumbed through your wallet with the same exasperation, then you’ve come to the right place. Hello, we’re Nikki and Kim – Nix and… Kim for short, and we started this page for people just like us. Nikki’s style can be described as “Is it OK to sleep in this even though I wore it to work?” while Kim’s as “Carefully manoeuvres through drive-thrus since she’s mostly pantsless”. We’ve realised there’s a difference between your personal style and the style you can afford, so we’re here to close that gap.