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My Five Minute Face

My morning makeup routine is fuss free, natural and really takes me about 5, sometimes 6 minutes. I don’t do any fancy colour correcting or contouring. I keep it simple and muted. With two kids, I barely have time to brush my teeth most morning, so elaborate makeup is completely unrealistic. Having said that, I really like the results I’ve managed to achieve in my short five minute routine.


I was rather nervous to write this blog post. Whenever you think of investment pieces it’s usually something that is worth buying because it may be useful in the future, give you tons of wear and thus more bang for your buck, but it often comes with a price tag only the Kardashians have seen and bought. Think leather boots, a quality trench coat and thick, durable denims. All of this doesn’t seem to sit around the same campfire as a budget blog where you’re showing people how to stay fashionable even when they’re broke as hell. So I did a little investigation. Can you buy investment pieces at a time when you’re siphoning petrol from your lawnmover? Let’s see.

My 2019 Skin Resolutions

Walking past the mirrors in my house over the past week and a half has been a test for my self-esteem. My skin is looking battered and spotty and so tired. There is no mystery behind this sad state of affairs, I have not been doing the maximum to look after my skin during the holidays. For years I’ve been promising myself that I will take my makeup off before bed, or wear sunscreen, or drink the required 3 litres of water every day. I’ve yet to follow through on these promises. But it’s 2019 and I am turning over a new leaf.

A new year doesn’t mean that you wake up as a new person on January 1st. Very often we (read: I) set lofty goals for the New Year and because they are so ambitious, I seldom achieve them. On New Year’s Eve I sat on my couch with a glass of wine and thought about this. Was I not achieving my goals because they were too hard? Was it something else? I realised that it was a massive lack of intention. I wanted the result of the goal, but I lacked the intention to do the work to achieve those goals. For 2019, I have set no goals and made no resolutions, I have however adopted an attitude of intention. I will keep the promises I make to myself.