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12 Autumn Coats Under R600

This in between stage of the seasons is always hardest for me. I never know what to wear and in Cape Town, where we experience all seasons in one day, it is especially difficult. I am a winter person but I also get hot often so I cannot layer too much. When shopping for jerseys and coats, I usually lean towards the lighter knits and weaves. I am desperate for a new coat and like most of you, I just cannot spend thousands on it. So I went to peep at my favourite online stores and a few that you had recommended as well, to see what was available.


I was rather nervous to write this blog post. Whenever you think of investment pieces it’s usually something that is worth buying because it may be useful in the future, give you tons of wear and thus more bang for your buck, but it often comes with a price tag only the Kardashians have seen and bought. Think leather boots, a quality trench coat and thick, durable denims. All of this doesn’t seem to sit around the same campfire as a budget blog where you’re showing people how to stay fashionable even when they’re broke as hell. So I did a little investigation. Can you buy investment pieces at a time when you’re siphoning petrol from your lawnmover? Let’s see.

5 Key Trends For A/W 2019

TRENDS SCHMENDS. AMIRITE? I once went to a Li Edelkoort talk and she said “if you think you’ve bought something on trend, that trend has already died”. The truth is, by the time most of the fashion week trends hit mainstream stores, they’ve crested the peak of trendiness. I suppose the real question is, who cares? I have always, (ALWAYS) believed that the only trends worth following are the ones that work for you, your body and your lifestyle. While I absolutely love fashion, I’m really quite on the fence about trendspotting and trend following. Having said that, there are a few key trends that have emerged at the various fashion weeks that excite me massively. Let’s dive in.