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Five Fabulous Friday Finds – #1

Friends! As I mentioned on Instagram earlier this morning, Kim and I are going to be introducing a new series to the blog, this is the new series by the way. We’ve realised (through our exploits in frugality) that we experience wonderful things every single week and not all of them are as a result of a purchase, we read, we eat, we meet, we experience… So every week, starting from today, we will be sharing five things that have truly sparked that joy during the course of the week.

26 Free Things To Do During Winter

I have often been downright evangelical about how much I love winter. There is just something about taking a brisk walk with an icy wind blowing in your face that I adore. You may not know this about me, but I lived in Norway for a few years and I moved there in the winter. Leaving Cape Town in summer and landing in Norway to -15 degrees was a shock to my system, but if there is one thing I took away from my time in the great white north it’s that there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. While compiling this list, I kept the cold temperatures in mind and picked only the most exciting winter activities I could think of.