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Five Fabulous Friday Finds – #1

Friends! As I mentioned on Instagram earlier this morning, Kim and I are going to be introducing a new series to the blog, this is the new series by the way. We’ve realised (through our exploits in frugality) that we experience wonderful things every single week and not all of them are as a result of a purchase, we read, we eat, we meet, we experience… So every week, starting from today, we will be sharing five things that have truly sparked that joy during the course of the week.

Live Out Loud with Two Babes

“Self-care” trended massively in 2018 and we couldn’t be happier about it. In fact, watching all these amazing women embrace putting themselves first got us so excited that we decided we needed to do the same. By now you know that for both Kim and I, this blog has been one of our greatest acts of self-care. We realised that we needed a place to flourish as women and grow our interests and our friendship beyond our status as mothers. While we will continue to serve you with amazing fashion and lifestyle content, we wanted to find a way to encourage you to do the same. To live out loud, to claim moments for yourself, to treat yourself well… How could we do this in a way that would be fun and encouraging and go beyond the usual call to treat yo’ self? Obviously, the answer to that was we had to sweeten the deal.